What exactly is Spiritual Direction? You know what is so funny about that? I remember being asked this by a group of theology students and M.Div. students at Denver Seminary and it seemed like very few people could actually answer the question. You would get answers like “its kind of like counseling but not” or “it’s like marriage counseling with Jesus” or “it’s a co-discerner who walks alongside you in the Christian journey.” It makes me chuckle because often I look back and wonder, “Why in the *%&# did I study to become a Spiritual Director when no one even knows what that means?! What am I even doing with my life and why am I spending $35k plus on a Master’s Degree that is about as obscure as “underwater basket weaving” degrees. But here I am, almost 10 yrs out from my graduation with a Master’s Degree in Christian Formation and Soul care. I often shake my head wondering where I might be had I gone in a different direction. But truthfully, Spiritual Direction is a powerful ministry. At it’s core, it is the ministry of discipleship. It is helping people see how Christ is drawing them towards the truth of their belovedness in Him. The importance of this is extensive. You see, our entire lives are a journey either towards or away from belovedness. The more we move away from our belovedness, the more we become dysfunctional, fearful, angry, hateful, manipulative, controlling… our absolute worst selves. The more we move towards belovedness in Christ, the more we manifest the fruits of the Spirit. So at it’s core, Spiritual Direction is a friendship that helps us with the journey of falling more in Love with Christ and allowing ourselves to be deeply loved beyond measure. Then we can be our best selves, living our best lives (no matter the circumstances) out of that belovedness. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? This is what we do at Horse and Soul. We are existing to help people fall more in love with Christ and experience true joy (the ability to receive life as it comes) because our stability is in who HE says we are. Horses are helpful for this work because they help us identify truths. Horses help us to know when we find a truth space and give us an indication that we should go in that direction in conversation. God created them to be truth tellers and truth livers (I think I just made up this word – in my head it means those who live truth). Equine-Assisted Spiritual Direction. It doesn’t even have to have an official title. What it really means is that Horses are a part of the session. God is present. I am present. And we seek Him together. I am grateful to be a part of the journey. God bless.