I am sitting here at my desk looking to the future with uncertainty and unease. I do not know what the future holds. The unknown is terrifying. But I know this to be true. We cannot move forward until we are willing to create forward. God makes things new in our life when we decide to make them new with him. The healing doesn’t come when we shluff it off and/or bury it. The healing comes when we move into it and use it. When we get stuck in shame its because our stories are using us. When we move out of pain its because we decide to take control of our pain and use it. USE that pain. Make that pain dance at the party. Don’t be a victim of your story, be empowered by it! You survived! You did it! You CAN do this! God loves creating something out of nothin! He loves making beauty from ashes! He loves making all things new! He is the TRUE creator, and we reflecting His image are made for co-creating with Him!