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“My teenage daughter had her first session at Horse and Soul today and I cannot say enough good things about her experience!!! When she left the house this afternoon to go to her session she was a bit hesitant, burdened, and easily agitated. When she came home, she was exponentially more free. She was noticeably lighter (emotionally) and actually danced around the living room. She opened up to me and shared several aspects of her time at Horse and Soul, and said she can’t wait to go back. Mrs. Delavan was incredible at helping my (usually quiet) teenager open up and let go of several things she’s been struggling with. I cannot wait to set what happens over time with this! What an amazing opportunity! We are so thankful for Mrs. Delavan and Horse and Soul” -Christi M

“Don’t let a lack of horse experience allow you to rule out this amazing experience and encounter. Maria Delavan and her horses adapt to whatever level of interaction and pace that you are comfortable with. The entire process and experience is great!” -Amber T.


Most people are feeling disconnected with themselves and others. They have held onto who they think everyone else wants them to be instead of knowing who they truly are and were meant to be. It’s not about becoming, it’s more about unbecoming. Let’s peel back the layers of who you have become to survive the world. I will help guide you on a journey to self discovery so you can feel more connected and live a life of peace. Come enjoy a private one hour horsemanship lesson or a an equine assisted learning session at the ranch with the horses, allowing them to help you experience transformation and breakthrough. You will walk away with the peace and the connectedness your soul has been craving. 

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Maria Delavan, MA




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