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Horse and Soul

The Podcast

Horse and Soul Podcast is a place for conversations around Equine-Assisted Soul Care. Join us for conversations around growing into a deep awareness of our belovedness in Christ.


Horse and Soul

The Podcast


Most people are feeling disconnected with themselves and others. They have held onto who they think everyone else wants them to be instead of knowing who they truly are and were meant to be. It’s not about becoming, it’s more about unbecoming. Let’s peel back the layers of who you have become to survive the world.  Join our community as we explore conversations around soul care and horses.  Each week we will bring you soul care content, thoughtful interviews and creative ways to seek God with and without horses.  We are so glad you’re here! 

Maria Delavan, MA

Maria Delavan, MA


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Living a God Dream

Join me as I interview Ann Henderson of Rainbow of Hope Texas!

Season 1, Episode 5   |    52min

We Must Create the New

I am sitting here at my desk looking to the future with uncertainty and unease. I do not know what the future holds. The unknown is terrifying. But I know this to be true. We cannot move forward until we are willing to create forward. God makes things new in our life...

the Horse and Soul Podcast

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God loves to use His creation to care for souls.  Join our community as we gather to have meaningful conversations about compassion, transformation and hope.