Right now, I am reading Present over Perfect by Shawna Niequist.  This girl is speaking straight to my heart.  I feel my true self calling out to me as I absorb her words.  Slow down, she resonates. Don’t rush, she encourages.  As I am journeying toward my true self from the Enneagram 3, I feel my soul start to settle.  I feel the rest that only the Holy Spirit can provide.  I feel myself refuse to strive.  I am home.  I took Rosie for a ride today, and as I asked her for various movements and transitions, I found myself riding with a goal, trying to strive to put Rosie into a box.  I was putting a tremendous amount of pressure on her, and it was doing me a disservice.  Anxious and frustrated she became tense and rigid.  This was not going well.  After my ride, I had a wonderful conversation with a friend from Colorado.  I asked her a question about her new business and through her story, I was reminded of the importance of giving Rosie my true self.  I was stuck in my head, trying to “make” her do something.  I was operating out of a desire to prove something, and it was not helpful.  I am looking forward to continuing my journey back to my true self and seeing how that changes Rosie’s relaxation while I work with her.  My goal should be connection and connection alone.  I can’t do that if I am stuck trying to prove myself and refusing to offer my honesty and vulnerability.