1. Rest is done best in community. THIS ONE IS SO HARD!!! If you are anything like me, you tend to enjoy recharging by being alone, enjoying the quiet, doing what you want. Buuuut, if this is your only rest, then you are too busy.
  2. Rest looks a lot like play. Huh?! Play does not sound restful if you ask me. Play sounds exhausting. But play is where we recharge, where we find humility, and where we find joy. Play brings rest into work, too. We get overworked and overtired because we are taking things waaayyyy too seriously. We are overvaluing the importance of what we do and undervaluing who we are.
  3. Rest causes you to be present. Sometimes we need to detox from the busyness. We get stuck in the to-do list. And only time spent in solitude and silence will help recalibrate our souls to the present.

Horses are present 100% of the time. They have no need to perform, they have no need to worry about 10 minutes ago or 10 minutes from now. There is only need to know and be aware of what is happening right now in this moment. If they focus on anything else, they become easy prey. I want to encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to show you what ways you might be doing the opposite. How are you making yourself easy prey for the enemy by not allowing yourself to rest?