I was scrolling through facebook the other day and I came across a post from horse trainer that read:  To go fast, slow down!   I stopped and thought about it.  How true!  Whenever I work with a  horse I noticed that whenever I get in hurry the horses get all stressed out and whenever I slow down, the horses calming do whatever is asked of them.   Prime example – loading Rosie in the trailer.  The other day I trailered Rosie to the local arena here in Willis to give her a ride and when I arrived there were a few other horsemen there.  After a disaster of a ride (think loose girth and frisky OTTB – not a pretty picture) turned pleasant ride, I hopped off, walked her out and led her back to the trailer.  After a bucket of water and a quick brush down, I opened the big door to my trusty rusty white Travelong horse trailer and softly asked her to join me in jumping into the trailer.  One of the cowboys stared at what I am sure he thought was a froo-froo horsewoman being much too soft on her horse.  I waited patiently for what seemed like centuries because of the gawking, then she finally complied and literally leapt into the fresh shavings.  I could feel the eyes rolling behind us.  Point is, though, that I didn’t want to make her more anxious about getting into the trailer.  I didn’t want to stress her out.  I wanted to let her think about it, get comfortable with it.  Afterall, horses are naturally claustrophobic animals and asking them to go into a steel box on wheels isn’t exactly their idea of a good time.  

This thought continued to turn in my mind – to go fast, slow down.  How true this is with the Lord, too.  He never asks us for our success anyway.  He only asks for our obedience.  Slowing down to obey Him is way better than running quickly after who even knows what.  Wisdom says slow down and obey.   Wisdom says rest in the presence of the one who has you and your life in His hands.  He has plans for you, but there is absolutely no need to panic out of fear that you will miss them.  He won’t let you miss them, but if you go before slowing down to see what He is saying, it might be delayed.   Remember, to go fast, slow down.