The answer is simple. Jesus. The problem is complex, grief. Seasons come and seasons go. The waves of life lapping on the shore cause friction on both their way in and their way out. Molding and shaping each grain of sand, rock or pebble that it brings with it in either direction. Looking forward helps, but what do we do when we are not sure which way is forward, or if the movement to go forward is held back by fear? We sit and wait on Jesus. Much of my life has been solution oriented. Something doesn’t work? No problem, let’s pivot and move in a new direction or try something new that does work. Grief is messier, though. It causes a pause in the movement where the only solution is Jesus. Jesus in the grief, Jesus in the emotions, Jesus in the change of plans, Jesus in the loss, Jesus in the gain, Jesus in the open spaces, Jesus in the hope, Jesus in the sadness. He is in it all. He experienced it all. He knows. And He cares so deeply.

It can be hard, as people like to rush us through grief. It’s an inconvenient emotion. It delays things, there are no “answers”. The best thing for someone to do it just offer a space for those in grief to be had by the One who is The Answer, Jesus. Only He can bring people through the emotions and grief bursts. Only He knows the perfect words. Only He knows exactly what we need. Only Him.

So what does this have to do with where Horse and Soul is going next? We are shifting gears. No more “exercises” with the horses. Only being present with the horses and Jesus. Creating time and space for people to hear His voice and heal. He does ALL of the work. We will only provide the space.