What do you do after things fall apart?  The next right thing. That is all you are responsible in this moment.  With two toddler girls, it is no secret that I have probably watched the Frozen movies about one million and a half times…. each.  I remember watching Frozen 2 in the theaters while pregnant with my youngest daughter.  When Anna was stuck without Olaf and her sister in a cave, with no where to turn and not knowing how to make her situation better, she broke into a beautiftul song called “The Next Right Thing”.  Wow.  What a powerful idea.  What is even better, is that this idea is reinforced by research.  When we don’t know where to turn, we are only responsible for the next right thing.  Looking at the big picture can feel really overwhelming.  But that is not where our gaze should be.  When our eyes fall on Jesus, we are relieved of all the pressure, and He never overwhelms us.  Instead, He gives us one thing to do, asking us to move low and slow towards the future.


The same is true when training horses.  I love the saying “slow is smooth and smooth is fast, but fast is rough and rough is slow”.  When we rush training, we create holes in the process.  Go slower, don’t rush it.  Even when it comes to healing.  When we rush healing there WILL be holes.  Go slow.  Just do the next right thing.  And before you know it, you will feel whole again!