Expectation kills possibility.

When we strive, construe and manipulate our lives into what we hope will resemble in any way something we might.. just might… have a little control over we lose something God loves: possibility. We lose the ability to openly receive whatever God wants to do. God, help me to pry open my fingers, release the grasp I have over my allusion of control. I don’t want to be in charge anymore. I really, really don’t. My only responsibility should be obeying Christ. I remind myself, “Maria, you are not in charge of anything important.” But why? Why is it so hard for me to let go? Why do I white knuckle my life and my surroundings to the point that when someone else makes a decision for me it puts me in a downward spiral or disorientation? I really don’t want to experience that anymore. I don’t want to hold so tightly anymore. I want to let go. I want to set it down. My frustration is palatable.

Then, I hear God whisper to me, “remember who you are.” As I read through all the times scripture references who I am in Christ, I am given a renewed sense of hope. His word washes over me and frees me to step into rest that is found in Him. I am his beloved. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I am alive in Christ. Christ is in me, the hope of glory. God the Father is in me. As I let these truths wash over me like an afternoon thunderstorm in the Rocky Mountains, I am refreshed and find myself no longer afraid or worried. God will get this right. He will.

As I settle my soul back into my identity in Christ I find myself once again poised to dream with Him, poised to receive from Him. I know it is entirely possible and I am beyond excited for the possibility. It likely won’t happen the way I think it should or the way I would prefer, but God will use the way it does actually unfold. I am so glad I am not in charge of anything important anyway.

Identity really does change everything. Identity begets possibility.