What does fear do in our lives? When we act out of fear,  we really can’t meet our true potential.  Fear keeps us stuck. We don’t grow spiritually, when we are crippled by fear.  God wants us to rest and find hope in him, but I find myself ruining around,  like a chicken with my head cut off,  sometimes. That’s not what he intends for me.  
I was asked to help a fellow horse trainer with a new horse,  she just acquired. She said the horse was reactive, and seemed scared of everything.  I watched her try to halter her, careful not to move too fast. Then, as she led her to the round pen, the mare jumped around, and spooked at everything.  When we started to work with her,  we had to just let her run a few minutes.  Isn’t that just like our Savior? Sometimes,  he just sits back and watches, while we tear around like mad. He patiently waits,  just like I did with the mare,  for us to calm down and turn to him. Once our focus is placed on him, we can finally see his direction clearly.  We’re not alone in this.  We have his support and help.  He wants us to look to him.  
The most rewarding part of working with a horse, like this little mare, was seeing the calm come into her eyes. She began to follow me around.  She let me put a halter on her, and even put her nose right into it. She sought the comfort and direction I had to offer. Jesus said,  “Don’t let your hearts be troubled,  and do not be afraid”. Life can get a little crazy sometimes.  Remember,  to turn to him.  Rest in the assurance that he calms the sea,  and he can calm your fear,  too.