I feel as though some days/most days I am still very new to grief.  God has been bringing our family through a lot of grief lately, and in the most bizarre ways ( as if there are “normal” grief scenarios).  The loss of an expected future, the loss of a pony, and now the loss of a church community.  Over the last few months, God had been talking with my husband and I both about going to a new church.  We LOVED, like REALLY LOVED our church community, but felt a tugging to somewhere new.  We sensed God wanting to bring about some changes in our lives, and now the day has come for us to step into our new church season.  It almost feels like we were in one climate and entered another.  What a bizarre feeling.  Letting go of the old is really hard.  Grieving our old church community as God calls us to the new is painful.  Leaving where you felt belonging takes acclamation.   It takes time.  Don’t be surprised when your heart longs for what “was” as you step into something new.  It takes time to adjust, to grieve and let go.  

I think about horses having to change owners suddently.  I can only imagine how disorienting and sad that must make a horse.  Grief is the great reminder that we are not in control.  Which, I am sure, is an even harder realization for a horse who is utterly dependant upon a caregiver for safety, food, etc.  No wonder so many horses really need a transition time between owners and approximately one year for a horse and rider to confidently and connectedly ride together.  Horses are great examples for grieving well.  They feel the grief, move into it, then move forward.  Horses ALWAYS are moving forward.  This keeps them safe from harm.  

Jesus, similarly, was excellent at grieving.  He was also good at going from place to place, wherever God was leading Him.  Safety was not a place for Jesus, God was the person of safety.