I was walking out to the barn today and couldn’t help but notice there is white hair EVERYWHERE! On the fence, on the, in the grass, in the dirt, in the neighbors yard, in our yard, on the gates, in the barn. I am not kidding. It is everywhere. When you have a grey pinto Shetland pony shed is expected, but man, our little pony takes it to a whole new level. He lived in Colorado for the first 16 years of his life and so he has grown accustomed to needing a full fluffy winter coat, but after 3 years in Texas he seems to be holding out hope that he is going to move back someday. Me too, little buddy, me too.

I have been staring at this hair on the gate each time I go into the barn to groom him and then today, as I walked out there, the Holy Spirit hit me. “You know, while scrubbing himself along the gate is effective, its even more effective when you groom him. The same is for you. You can try to get all the stuff that isn’t you anymore off, or you can come to me and allow me to take it all for you.” Wowzah. Thanks Holy Spirit! You are totally right! The last few weeks have been kind of like a spiritual intensive care unit. I have years of gunk and grime on me and somewhere along the way I lost sight who I was in Jesus. Bummer, right?! Big bummer. I was handing out votes for my identity to people who never should have had a vote to begin with. This season has been a season of shedding performance, fear, shame and striving. REST has been a huge theme and I am so grateful for what God is doing in the moment now. What a beautiful blessing.