I bet if I asked you to mention one relationship in your life right now that has you worried, stressed or concerned it would take you less than 5 seconds to come up with a name, picture your concern, and all the feelings would come rushing in.  We have all experienced hurt and broken relationships at some point, maybe you are experiencing this now.  It can be debilitating and overwhelming.  It can consume your thoughts and the space in your heart.  This is just a part of the human experience. So what can we do to remedy this?  The greatest gift you can give those you love and care about is the healthiest version of you.  This is true for your friends, this is true for your family and this is absolutely 100% without a doubt true for your children.  The best gift you can give all these people is the healthiest version of you, not just physically, though that is a gift, too, but emotionally and mentally.  When we stop growing and trying to become better that is when this happens.

So, how can we become healthier?

  1. Pursue Healing – there are a number of resources like sozo ministry, healing prayer, and other counseling/therapuetic resources that are easily accessible.  I want to encourage you to pursue healing because as we all know, hurting people hurt people.  Healing will bring you freedom from hurt.  It will be glorious on the other side.
  2. Pursue personal growth – there are several really great books that will help you grow in confidence and become a better person.
  3. Discover and trust your identity in Christ – this is firm foundation we stand on. This is never changing and gives you the freedom and power to endure.

My prayer is that you are able to experience healing and restoration in your relationships.  God has hope for them.  So do I.

Are there relationships I can pray for today?  Have you ever experienced strife in a relationship?