Sometimes it feels as though the Spring will NEVER come. It is so funny, I was born in California and then lived in Colorado for about 6.5 years. While in Colorado I relished the summers. It was my favorite time of year! I could ride my horse all the time, go to the rodeos, enjoy the mountains, go hiking, trail riding, you name it! The sun made even the colder days warmer. I loved it! I would enjoy the Fall in Colorado, as well! I loved the colors, and the foothills covered in bright reds, oranges, and greens. It was so lovely to feel the crisp air as the weather brought anticipation of winter. California was different. I did not particularly like the Summer, but I did enjoy Fall and Winter. Where I am originally from, I loved the crisp winter air, and I (I was probably alone on this one) loved the winter fog of the Central Valley brought on by the condensation from the agriculture of the region. I LOVED riding my horse in the fog, unable to see very far ahead of me, but able to hear the crunching of leaves and clip clopping of my horse’s hooves. It was dreamy. Now that I am in Texas, I have experienced something entirely new. I have grown to love Spring! Never in my life did I ever think this would happen. But Springtime in Texas is absolutely sublime. The temps are perfection, the wildflowers (gotta love those Texas bluebonnets) are sublime and the shedding of horses getting ready for the long summers reveal so much fresh beauty. Every spring is a reminder that beauty emerges. Beauty ALWAYS emerges. No matter how hard the winter has been, no matter how much mud and rain we had to endure, beauty ALWAYS will come. I hope that encourages you today. Whatever you have been going through, beauty ALWAYS will come through. No matter what you are going through now, it is not permanent. It is only a season and this too shall pass. Know I am praying for you in all seasons and I pray today that you have a special awareness of how blessed you are.