Shop Local Event | August 27, 2022 | 8am-12pm

  5400 State Hwy 150

New Waverly,TX,77358


Thank you for your interest in our event! Complete the form below to register.

All vendor spaces are 10’x 10’. Vendors must provide all equipment  necessary for their operation (tent, tables, displays, etc.). All tents must  be secured by weights or other means. All signs, displays, chairs and  other property must remain in the confines of your booth. 

**This is an outdoor event**

NON-REFUNDABLE 10’ x 10’ Booth Rentals are $35.00 donation to Horse and Soul Non-Profit. Spaces are not officially reserved until  payment is received in full.  

Payments accepted through


or Venmo:  @horseandsoul


  1. The event will run from 10am-2pm vendors should arrive at 9am  to set up. Vehicles will have a designated parking area in order to  provide space for shoppers. 
  2. Vendors must be set up and ready by 10am.  
  3. Check in with Horse and Soul Staff upon arrival to receive your  rented space.  
  4. Vendors may begin to breakdown and clean up at —-
  5. Electricity is not available to vendors. You must provide your own  source if needed, and cords must be taped or tucked away to not  create a tripping hazard. 
  6. Merchandise on the grounds is at the risk of the owner. Horse and  Soul is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise,  personal property, or vehicles while on property. 
  7. No advertisements can be placed on trees, buildings, etc. You may  only advertise within your rented space. You may not distribute  flyers or other advertising outside of your rented space. No selling  outside of your rented space is allowed. 
  8. Parents or guardians are responsible for minors brought onto  premises. Minors must remain with parent or guardian.
  9. Under Texas Law (Chapter 87, Civil Practice and Remedies Code),  an Equine Professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of  a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of  equine activities.
  10. Texas state law requires all vendors to have a current state of  Texas sales tax license.
  11. Food Trucks must meet the standard guidelines set forth by the  State of Texas Health Department.
  12. Any pre-packaged food items must be labeled and sold according  to the Texas Cottage Laws.
  13. Horse and Soul reserves the right to refuse service/admission to  anyone for any reason. Hostile, rude or inappropriate behavior will  not be tolerated.
  14. Vendors may not sell products, services, images, or merchandise  that is offensive, crude, not family friendly, and unlawful.
  15. No animals allowed unless vendor has consent from Horse and  Soul. If consent has been granted vendor must keep animals  contained or on leash.


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