This week we got to welcome our newest gift from Heaven, Sally the pony.  Wow is she just the most precious thing in the whole world?!  She is gentle and kind.  You know those people who are gentle and kind with everyone else but themselves?  That is Sally the pony.  She is very well behaved, but man, you can obviously tell that she is incredibly hard on herself.  She winces her face and exhibits all of the behaviors of a horse with ulcers.  Her tummy does not feel well at all. So, we will be treating her ulcers and hopefully will resolve the problem for her long term.   Can anyone relate?  Years of your lack of boundaries and a healthy love and honor for yourself (living out of your identity as God’s beloved) have left you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  Worry and stress abound in you.  Maybe even trauma has caused physical ailments in your body.  God wants to restore you.  He wants you to not hold it in anymore, but get it out of your body.  He died for this.  Release it to Him.  Allow your prayerlife and journaling to be like the salve you need to restore the PH balance of your soul.  These things take time.  Ulcer treatment in horses takes about 30 days of daily treatment.  Your soul is no different.  Your soul needs daily care over time.  Don’t rush it or expect it to be quick.  Walk slowly with the Lord so your soul has time to transform and learn how to walk in this new way of life.  You were made for freedom.