One of the questions that have impacted me deeply, is when I was experiencing some strong emotions, I was asked, “what color is it?” “Hmmm…” I remember thinking to myself, “what color is it? What an interesting question.”  The beauty of putting color to your emotions is it allows you to get them out from being hidden within you to where your eyes can gaze upon the complexity and detail. 

Today was one of thooooose days.  You know, the ones where all the big emotions hit me.  Just because I have gone through inner healing doesn’t mean I am immune to the big emotions, especially when my deepest traumas are triggered.  I was a weeping mess.  Snot everywhere.  In the shower my tears seemed to flow with the same intensity of the water from the shower head.  They flowed together seamlessly.   I was broken.  This morning my emotions were a blue, a deep blue, like the color of the deepest part of the ocean.  I felt like I was drowning.  Throughout the day, though, as I processed everything my color emotions changed, more light entered in and the tint of that deep blue turned to cobalt blue, then royal blue, then the cool blue of the tropics – you know the kind with white sandy beaches.  The more I let the light of truth from the Holy Spirit in, the brighter my color became; the more brilliant the hue became.  

Next time you find yourself in the depth of fear – wanting to compare, criticize, compete, run or hide – don’t fight the darkness, instead, let in the light and watch the color of those experiences transform miraculously before your eyes. He has hope and freedom for you – not just for your inner world, but for your relationships, too.