Become an FBEAP Facilitator and Start your Own Ministry

Unbridled Bible College 

Unbridled Bible College is an online school of ministry to equip and empower Faith-Based Equine-Assisted Philosophy (FBEAP) ministries all over the world. Our classes are specially formulated to give FBEAP ministries a solid foundation in Bible, Theology, Therapeutic Communication and Business so they can thrive as God has called them. 

Social Media Marketing for FBEAP Facilitators and Ministries

This 2+ hour video course will take your ministry and social media marketing to the next level!  Social Media is where the people are and at your fingertips you can build a global influence.  Learn about the different social media apps, what posts are most influential, meaningful blogging, and email marketing.  God wants to grow your ministry.  This course will help you partner with Him to do just that! To purchase, click the donate button below & Maria will reach out to you directly to send the video to you.

Your donation of $189 includes:
2+ hours of Digital Marketing Video Courses
20 min private Consultation with Maria Delavan

Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy Certification Seminars

FBEAP Certification Seminars through Unbridled Faith will equip you for the ministry of Equine Assisted Learning.  Help others quickly and gently locate unhealthy thought patterns and provide space for the Holy Spirit to speak through their experience of the Horses to receive new, truthful and healthy thought patterns that will benefit every area of their lives. Horse and Soul partners with Unbridled Faith in Mankato, Minnesota to host certification clinics every Spring and Fall.  We want to equip others for the work of FBEAP so they can make an impact in their own communities. 

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