Gratitude and attitude. We have heard it a MILLION times in the last several years:

  1. gratitude actually changes your mindset
  2. gratitude changes your brain chemistry
  3. gratitude attracts things to be grateful for.

I embarrassingly admit, over the last 6 months or so, I have been grumpy and complaining a lot. Just ask my sweet hubby and close friends. I have been dramatic and complain-y. Honestly, though, I know exactly what it is from. It is from idolizing the growth of my ministry over everything else. Somewhere along the way, when I had to say goodbye to Horse and Soul as I knew it in Colorado, I felt the need to grow it feverishly here in Texas. I had put my identity in what I did. The worst part is, though, this year has been full of angst and hurry.

So, I am resolving to spend more time in gratitude. More time being present. More time without technology and more time in God’s word.

God, thank you for conviction. Thank you for clarity of correction. I pray that my life would be one that glorifies you, Lord. I want to humble myself so that you might shine in the forefront. I am grateful for where you have brought me, I am grateful for my family, my home and the people you entrust to me. Lord, make me a better servant. Amen.