It came early. The lie. The lie that if I wanted to accomplish something I would have to do it on my own. It came from every front, every relationship. I had dreams and if I wanted to get them done I would need to do them alone. If I had to get a group assignment done, I always felt like I had to do it alone.

I trained myself to be very reliable, because I felt like I was the only person I could rely on. This, however, is a HUGE problem and God has taught me so much through horses for how to shift my thinking and believe truthfully according to scripture. The problem with isolation and operating alone is that it makes you easy prey for enemies. In the wild, to stay safe, horses need the safety of the herd. Without the herd, horses become easy prey for predators.

Connection is life. Connection is freedom. And this applies to every circle of our lives: family, friends, church, etc.