Creation is the way forward. But what does that mean exactly? Creation is so broad, so vague, so obscure. Does that mean creating art, creating a business, creating a life, creating a new self? I still don’t know exactly, but what I do know is that it means that God is involved. He is the God of new beginnings, new creations. We know from Isaiah 43:19 that “He makes all things new.” We know that He is the God who “makes beauty from ashes” according to Isaiah 61:3. He is a God of forward, of braving the wilderness, of rising after falling. He is the God who puts you in a place of power after your weakest moments. He is a God of restoration and He desperately wants to help you move forward towards new life. When we are in our most broken vulnerable places He is with us, creating new life within us. The manure (insert 4 letter word here) of life is the fertilizer for the new growth that is possible in Christ.

I write these truths in the midst of struggle. This year has been a hard one for me – I stood up for what I believed in. I stood strong and was met with some pretty hard blows. Was my “standing up” perfectly done? Absolutely not. A lot of it was very emotional/hysterical, and I could have been more mature.  When we finally have the courage to stand up, often its done with great vulnerability and with the wobble of a brand new baby horse. But its courageous none-the-less. You see, I have a confession to make, I had created my ministry in relation to people, not in relation to Jesus. I submitted my ministry decisions to an individual above my Lord and Savior, the one to whom the ministry actually belonged. Here in lies the problem, though, people are not meant to shoulder ministries. People will fail at some point 100% of the time. When we build ministries on people, the ministry is unstable. So here is my prayer, as I continue to process the trauma of 2021, my prayer is that I continue to wait on God and allow Him and Him alone be the voice that guides this ministry. I want Him and Him alone to be the wisdom on whom this ministry is founded. Not an ideology. Not a tool. Not a person. Nothing but Christ. Solo Christo. Christ alone. After all, He is our HOPE. He personifies it. He embodies it. He IS it. Thank you, Lord, for hard lessons learned and for your beauty from ashes. You are good. Always. I repent of not always believing that. Selah.