I will spare you the gory details, but after around 18 hours of labor, my new baby girl, Elle, was born on February 4, 2020. What a sweet little lady she is. She is super calm and cuddly and seems to only cry when she gets hungry. On top of it all, she has the cutest chubby cheeks and big bright eyes and loves to snuggle. What a huge blessing! In these 6 weeks since she was born, she has given me so many gifts. If I had known what a blessing baby number two would be, I would have done this sooner. Here are some things I have learned from her so far:

  1. Time goes by fast, so slow down and soak up every moment. People tell you this with your firstborn, but having a baby is such a jolt to a person that it seems to put you in survival mode for a while. With the second baby, you are fully aware of how fast it goes and while it is difficult it is also a special time that you want to soak up. Rest is a huge part of this season and living a simple life that causes me to live and be aware in the moment.
  2. Don’t overload your calendar – especially with things that don’t feed your soul. As I now have two little people in my life, math doesn’t seem to work anymore. One plus one is not two. It is ten. (I giggle to myself) Or rather it feels like ten. As an introvert, I am realizing how important “me” time is now because my attention is so torn between these two people all the time. My priorities are much more clear and far more simple. I used to want to go out with friends to lunch or coffee but now, honestly, what seems best is just for me to be home. Take it easy. Don’t force anything. I don’t even have energy to force it anyway. Here are my current priorities: spend time with Jesus. That’s it. I spend time with him while I am with my husband, while I am with the girls, while I ride my horse and while I do ministry.

Thank you, Elle. For being born and being such a tremendous teacher to me. You are a gift in so many ways. And Jesus, thank you for allowing me to raise such a gem and for teaching me through this calling on my life. I am so grateful.